Lightweight Signaling Products

Following the Modular Signalling challenge to the Rail industry, we have worked in close collaboration with our partners to develop the latest generation of LED railway signals.


Our innovative Lightweight Signalling Range is specifically designed to meet the requirement for cost effective signalling in the 21st century.


Unipart Dorman Lightweight signals are maintenance free. They have been designated by Network Rail as 'Self-Cleaning' and require no maintenance visits in locations where they are exposed to free falling rain, reducing both the network maintenance costs and the safety costs incurred in going trackside.


Features & benefits:


  • Increased infrastructure reliability leading to less network delay costs
  • Maintenance free signals - no maintenance visits required
  • Increased safety through a reduction in workers required at the trackside
  • Reduction in the cost of ownership of the signals
  • Rapid installation onto a pre-installed structure - typically less than 30 minutes
  • Reduced maintenance costs of over £4,061,000* over the projected life of the signals (based on the first 1000 filament Color Light Signals which have been replaced by Unipart Dorman signals)
  • Filament signals previously accounted for 72,000 delay minutes, equating to a cost of £2,775,000* annually which will be eliminated once all filament lamps are replaced


*Calculated on 2005 values using RPI to estimate current costs.



To learn more about our Lightweight Signaling Range and the unique benefits they provide, please select and download information from our product range detailed below.


 A copy of our Lightweight Signaling Handbook can be downloaded here.


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