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Inspiration unrealised? Product potential unfulfilled? We can help bring your ideas to life.


Unipart Dorman pioneered the use of LED technology in Rail signaling, with the first use of LED anywhere on the railway across the world in the early 80’s and since then we have built a 95% market share of the LED signal market in the UK.


We have taken LED signal performance, safety and reliability to an unprecedented level, whilst helping save millions off the bottom line of Railroad operational budgets.


Our commitment to collaborating with customers by listening to their needs and aspirations has brought truly innovative solutions to life across the world and provides a solid platform of expertise to deliver cost effective and efficient, reliable LED solutions.


Why collaborate with us?


  • Unparalleled Reliability - 40 Million Fault Free Operational Hours


  • Scale and Reach - Over 100,000 Modules installed globally, including 20,000+ Tricolour


  • Track Record - 140 years experience and 95% home market share


  • Tricolour Expertise on International Stage - Exporting Classic track record to Union Station Toronto - 7 years of flawless SearchLITE operation


  • Best in Class Operating Lifetime - Real field data confirming 13 years plus operation


  • AREMA Compliance+ Benefits - Thermal Shock cycling to replicate true weather conditions. Comprehensive Readability Field trials to ensure visibility requirements are met

Our Rail Innovations

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