Synchro Lamp Series

The Synchro lamp series was designed to be a simply deployed tool which would not only dynamically enhance the visibility of the work zone entrance compared to the use of static lamps, but at the same time improve driver lane discipline by providing a directional guide.


The products combine the latest in LED lamp and lens technology with intelligent synchronisation wireless communications technology to enable both cone and drum/barrel taper deployment.




SynchroGUIDE™ was originally developed to meet chapter 8 of the UK MUTCD to afford better driver recognition at a change of delineation. UK highways agency mandated sequential taper guide deployments on high speed work zone tapers in 2006 which continue to this day.


Synchro was selected by AASHTO as a focus technology in 2011 after being nominated by Missorui DOT and guidelines of the benefits of sequential taper guide lighting were incorporated into the FHWA MUTCD in 2009. Although an optional treatment numerous state DOTs and other transport agencies have adopted Synchro into their standards as they strive to make work zones safer for both drivers and construction workers alike.


Download SynchroGUIDE Data Sheet



ConeLITE Synchro


ConeLITE Synchro™ followed the award winning, SynchroGUIDE™ and allows all of the better driver recognition safety benefits of the drum bolt mounted barricade taper  to be safely and rapidly transferred to Cone tapers.  ConeLITE Synchro is the only cone mountable sequential lamp that has been independently tested to meet MASH Crash safety requirements FHWA WZ-339.


Download ConeLITE Synchro Data Sheet



Eco Synchro4D


Eco Synchro4D™ is the first photocell controlled, 'Dusk till Dawn' member of the Synchro lamp series. The LED lamps use a unique communications protocol to ensure seamless transition from dusk till dawn and vice versa. The ES4D operate from D cell batteries offering a continuous operating life of circa 6 months while complimenting our existing  24/7 operating models in both performance and price point.


Download Eco Synchro4D Data Sheet


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