Innovation White Papers

Government agencies across the globe are under increasing pressure to cut budgets and increase productivity, in essence do more with less.


The following white papers have been published on specific Unipart Dorman innovative technology applications that have been proven to deliver safety and operational enhancements.


The papers are backed by independent data and current sector facts and can be further supported with generic bid specifications and product literature should clients wish to

specify on upcoming projects.


For more information on Unipart Dorman's product innovations, visit our Rail Innovation and Road Innovation pages.

Rail - Signaling the way ahead in Toronto

The analysis of this paper demonstrates that signal performance alone can make a significant contribution to both reducing the delay time experienced across the infrastructure and operating costs.

Rail - Zero Maintenance Signalling

Unipart Dorman lightweight signals now are designated ‘self-cleaning’ and require no visits for signals in locations where they are exposed to free falling rain. It is estimated that this will reduce maintenance costs by over £4,061,000 over the life of the signals.

Rail - The Class 1 Wayside Signal Development Story

Since the award of our first significant signalling contracts in North America at Union Station Toronto, Unipart Dorman have been listening and working hard to understand the signaling challenges of both Class I and Transit Railroads in North America.

Road - Changing the face of work zone safety

Taper collisions account for a significant percentage of near miss incidents, which not only lead to injuries and fatalities, but can also cause highway congestion, delays and secondary incidents.

Roads - Making roads safer with VATCS

The City of Orange are leading the way in southern California by installing School Zone, Curve Warning and Posted Speed Limit VATCS as part of an HSIP Highway Safety Improvement Program across the City.

Unparalleled LED signal performance

The Unipart Dorman 12Vdc LED wayside signal portfolio was successfully launched in 2019 and during 2022 we reached the 10,000th module shipped milestone.

Road - Regaining respect fror the taper

With distracted drivers on the increase, the goal is never more tested than by the changes that occur to a drivers routine journey when Work Zones (WZ) and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) events take place.

Road - Counting the difference wih Armadillo

The Armadillo® is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional data gathering device, which proves to be the perfect fit for traffic monitoring and speed study applications.