HOV Signs


Further information on our HOV signs can be found in our data sheet which can be downloaded here.




  • Dynamic LED sign, highly visible in all ambient light conditions
  • Scheduler software to work in conjunction with HOV lane operation times
  • Incorporates recognized MUTCD diagrams for consistent message in highly reliable LED display
  • Equipped with adjustable bracketry for mast arm or side of pole mounting, allowing optimum alignment and including safety cable
  • Schedule uploads via weatherproof USB link via mast arm cable harness allowing all configuration programming to be conducted at ground level

Improving traffic flow and supporting rapid transit by enhancing driver awareness of HOV lane restrictions in operation.


Advisory LED HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) Signs are LED signs programmed to operate by time of day to help increase driver awareness of HOV lane restrictions.


In line with the core philosophy of a consistent road management strategy, the signs use reserved lane diagrams that are already recognized in the MUTCD.


Our HOV signs are supplied with scheduling software which allows the operator to program their operation to coincide with reserved lane regulations.