TRL 548 Report
Large Scale Evaluation of VATCS - Preventing accidents and improving life within your local community.

The unique fact that allows VATCS to stand apart from the competition in North America is the result of the independent large scale field study on the technology conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) on behalf of the United Kingdom Highways Agency , published in 2002.

The TRL548 study was conducted on 60 VATCS signs over a 5 year period and the impressive long term results lead to the technology being incorporated into the UK MUTCD and mass deployed on both rural and residential highways. For more information please download the full TRL548 report below.

The VATCS approach has all but phased out the original Speed Feedback Display signs which were viewed as providing a controversial message and due to the VATCS solutions longevity it is currently also being utilized as an alternative to speed humps and combined with other more educational physical traffic calming measures.

Unipart Dorman do still offer the SFD device in their current portfolio due to the proven short term effectiveness of the product but strongly recommend that clients undertaking a permanent traffic calming installation do consider the deployment of VATCS in the first instance.

The SFD technology is best deployed on a rotation basis or operated via an automated timetable to coincide with peak times of hazard concern as per School Zone operation.

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