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Varitext Advance Message Programming (V-AMP) is a switching timetable editing application designed to automate the operation of Dual or Multiple diagram VATCS or SFD. V-AMP provides tools for designing timetables to instruct the signs to automatically switch between covert and active mode in the case of the SFD and in the case of the VATCS either covert and active or either of it's warning diagrams at appropriate times of the day. Timetables created with V- AMP can then be uploaded to one or more signs wirelessly using the DL scheduler application, and once uploaded timetables can be enabled or disabled as required.

Each timetable created using V-AMP will contain, at minimum, a base timetable . The base timetable is a weekly, Monday to Sunday timetable which will repeat every week of every year. For each day of this weekly schedule, up to 10 sign switch-overs can be defined. A single switch-over defines a time at which the sign should change and to which display warning and activation mode it should switch. Often a repeating weekly schedule is inappropriate for a sign's intended application. A common example of this is the occurrence of school holidays and weekends. V-AMP provides tools to allow periodic alternatives to the base timetable. Once a base timetable is defined, V-AMP allows up to 40 alternative time periods to be defined.

Between the dates defined by an alternative timetable, V-AMP will override the base timetable and instead switch the sign using the schedule defined for the alternative period. An alternative period can be defined in the same way as the base timetable by creating a weekly schedule which will repeat during the defined period.

VATCS Timetable example VATCS Dual Diagram Speed Limit School Zone VATCS timetable options
Diagram 1 R21 - 40MPH SLOW DOWN +FLASHER
Diagram 2 R2-1 - 20MPH SLOW DOWN + FLASHERS

Dual Diagram Speed and Hazard School Zone VATCS timetable options
Diagram 1 R2-1 - 40MPH SLOW DOWN + FLASHERS
Diagram 2 S1-1 - Mother & Child SLOW DOWN +FLASHERS

In both of the above VATCS cases it would be normal to program a timetable that would have diagram 1 in vehicle triggered mode at non peak times and have diagram 2 in permanent display mode during the peak hours of say 0800 to 0900 and 1500 to 1600. In the case of the SFD School zone product, the SFD would be programmed to be covert during non peak hours and become operational during the peak hours helping to re-enforce the lower speed limit at the peak times. More information on the program is available from the user manual.

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