Chevron VATCSChevron VATCS

CHEVRON VATCS ... Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signs

The chevron VATCS product series is available in both steady burn (SBC series) and vehicle activated version (VAC series).

SBC Series Steady Burn LED chevron sign series

The product combines high intensity amber led technology with fluorescent grade reflective sign sheeting to provide enhanced display visibility in all types of weather and lighting conditions.

The units are available in application specific sizes in 24V DC and 110V AC models, with auto luminosity control achieved uniformly across every chevron in the chain via a 2 core link cable.

SBC9 & SBC109 Data Sheet
SBC8 Data Sheet

VAC Series Vehicle Activated LED chevron sign series

The VAC series combines the exact same vehicle speed activated principles of the VATCS incorporated into the SBC steady burn chevron series . The first chevron in the chain being a master unit incorporating the radar vehicle detection and when triggered by excessive speed communicates via a hard wire data link with all other chevrons on the curve to create an interactive directional warning aid to the approaching driver of the curvature/deviation of the road.

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Chevron VATCS
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